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Publications Related to Xu Zhimo

Xu Zhimo Cambridge & China by Zilan Wang   

A catalogue of an exhibition on ‘Xu Zhimo, Cambridge and China’ held in the Antechapel of King’s College Cambridge from July to October 2014. Curated by Zilan Wang and Alan Macfarlane and others on behalf of the Cambridge Rivers Project. A dual language book in English and Chinese.

The Xu Zhimo Poetry & Art Festival Anthology 2016 

A multi-lingual anthology of poetry and art issued for the Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival 2016.  Poets include Nobel nominated Bei Dao and Ouyang Jianghe, Nikola Madzirov (winner of the Xu Zhimo Poetry Prize for Europe & UK), Lavinia Greenlaw and Aleš Šteger. Artists include Liu Zhengcheng, Liu Chunjie, Peter Cavaciuti (winner of the Xu Zhimo Art Prize for Europe & UK), Jean Bacon and Matthew Blakely.