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W.H. Rivers  (1864-1922)

W.H. Rivers (1864-1922)

Professor Alan Macfarlane FBA    The co-founder and Honorary Chairman of    Cam Rivers Publishing & Arts

Professor Alan Macfarlane FBA

The co-founder and Honorary Chairman of

Cam Rivers Publishing & Arts

Cam Rivers Publishing Ltd is an independent publishing company based in central Cambridge. The company has established long-term co-operative relations and partnerships with a variety of first-class academic, educational and art institutions around the world. We publish in a range of areas including history, anthropology, literature, art and poetry. Cam Rivers organising projects and events involving scholars, poets, writers and artists from Asia and their peers in other countries.

The company also acts as a mediator for cross-cultural events and projects between China and the United Kingdom. We have jointly established the annual Cambridge Xu Zhimo Poetry & Art Festival which has become one of the largest and the most influential British-Chinese cultural exchange events in the United Kingdom. We have translated and published books authored by senior scholars of the University of Cambridge, influential European, British and Asian scholars, poets, artists and musicians.

Cam Rivers also works alongside the King's College Choir, Cambridge, and several other ensembles and opera groups to manage their media, public relations and performance tours in China. We also collaberate with artists to produce musical compositions and record projects with leading ensembles. In 2018, we released the Second Farewell to Cambridge choral album featuring the King’s College Choir. This was the choirs first album containing Chinese songs.

The company continuously strives to establish innovative projects, promoting art, music, opera, literature, culture and education between the UK and east Asia. 

In addition, Cam Rivers has a bookshop, gallery and oriental tea room located in Central Cambridge, opposite to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

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