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Works on Cambridge - Cambridge University is one of the oldest, most beautiful and most distinguished universities in the world. It is associated with many of the world's greatest scientists, poets, historians, economists, social scientists and philosophers, as well as famous students such as Xu Zhimo, from around the world.

Alan Macfarlane has taught in the University for almost fifty years and is a Life Fellow of King's College. Drawing on this experience, and applying the methods of history and anthropology, he has written a number of books, from a longer overview, to short illustrated guides (with detailed maps) about the University and King's College. They take the reader inside this extraordinary institution and are enriched by links to many films on the internet.

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Reflections on Cambridge

The traditions and creativity of Cambridge University have survived for more than 800 years. This is the first combined historical and anthropological account explores the culture, customs, colleges and the politics of this unique institution. Having taught there for nearly forty years, and conducted over a hundred in-depth film interviews of people who have been associated with the University, Alan Macfarlane sets forth a personal but also dispassionate portrait of how this ancient university developed and changed and how it continues to influence those who pass through it. The book delves into the history and architecture as well as the charm and the ghosts of Cambridge. It is divided into sections on history, culture, society and ideas and includes a new final chapter explaining recent change and the reasons for Cambridge's contribution to world civilisation. It is for all those who want to understand more deeply how a great western university works.

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King’s College Cambridge, a personal view

with Patricia McGuire and Bridget Strevens Marzo

This is a short, illustrated, book, to introduce visitors and students to one of the most famous Colleges in the world, best known for its glorious College Chapel and choir, but also for the many famous people, including John Maynard Keynes, Xu Zhimo, Alan Turing and E.M.Forster, who have been associated with it. There is a description of each part of the College, with appropriate maps showing where distinguished people lived in the past and the age of the buildings. There are also chapters on the Chapel, the Xu Zhimo stone and Chinese garden, the nature of the institution and the magical landscapes.

A Fellow of the College wrote on receiving a copy: 'It is absolutely beautiful – clear, informative and above all, a beautiful object with a genuinely hand-made feel (the illustrations are exquisite and the hand drawn maps and diagrams remind me of Wainwrights’ guides to the Lake District).


The King’s Community, a personal view

Based on over forty-five years as a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, this is a simple introduction to one of the most famous Colleges in the world. It describes the community, how the fellowship system works, the social world of the College and the methods of teaching and research. It also describes the religion, ritual, habits and manners of an ancient college. There is an illustrated survey of a number of the interesting people who have been to the college followed with links to video interviews and a few practical guides to cultural rules and work efficiency.


Cambridge University and it's Colleges, a personal exploration

with colour photographs by Sean T. McHugh

This is a book for those who want to explore Cambridge city, University and Colleges in a deeper way by finding out about many of their outstanding features, and guided by a series of maps. It describes the garden city (gardens and parks, churches, bridges, rivers) and some special features (schools, hospitals, sport, drama, markets and shopping). Under 'Tools of Thought' there is a description of museums and laboratories, books and libraries, pubs and tea-houses, and the science parks round Cambridge. 'Conditions of Creativity' gives a brief introduction to music, exercise, clubs and societies, conversations and teaching methods, humour and imagination and private meeting places. There is then a brief overview of the twenty oldest Colleges and of fifty of the most important people who have been associated with Cambridge. Finally, there are a few poems and photographs as memories of Cambridge, with some selected reading and links to further on-line resources.