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Art in Response to Nature

Jean Bacon

Throughout her professional career Jean always made time to paint. She is a keen plants woman, both as a gardener and a naturalist. Her first exhibitions at King’s had plants as their main theme. After buying a house in Blythburgh, Suffolk, the reed beds in the area became the basis for her next painting project. Like most artists who start from drawing and representation she developed a thread of abstraction. This can be seen in the “stripes” based on the colours and forms of Suffolk estuaries and reed beds. The collection also includes pieces depicting King’s College Cambridge. Jean paints images of the angels from the Chapel and the old willow tree which used to grow by King’s Bridge.

Ann Massing book cover.jpeg

My Journey Eastwards

Ann Massing

An Anthology of Ann’s work. She has chosen a selection of paintings from the 1980s to the present day. All Ann’s work is based on the natural world. Even when nearing abstraction, the original motif can still be observed to be of this world. Within the boundaries set by the natural materials of Chinese painting, she found the range of technical possibilities to be enormous. And when she ventured into new domains, such as printmaking, the lessons she has learned by studying the traditional Chinese masters find their place in her work. She signs her prints with her seal as a reminder to herself and to others that the harmonious qualities of paintings by the old masters of traditional Chinese painting are worth striving for.