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Liu Chunjie is a member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Association, the director of the Jinling Art Museum, the dean of the Nanjing Art Research Institute, a member of the Printmaking Committee of China Artists Association, the visiting professor of the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the visiting professor at School of Fine Arts of Guizhou University for Nationalities, the visiting professor of School of Fine Arts and Design of Guizhou Normal University, the deputy director of the Executive Committee of International Academic Printmaking Alliance at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), distinguished fellow of the China Academy of Art, expert judge of National Art Foundation, and a member of China Artists Association and National First Class Artist.


Yang Feng was born in Zhejiang Province in 1960. He is a professor and advisor for doctoral degree candidates at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. He is also the director of the Printmaking Committee of Shaanxi Artists Association and a member of the Printmaking Committee of China Artists Association.


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Jean Bacon is Emeritus Professor of Distributed Systems in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She was the first woman to be appointed as a Lecturer there in 1985. She is also an Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College Cambridge and a Director of Studies in Computer Science.

Her other talents include her artwork. She has held several exhibitions at The Art Centre at King's College Cambridge. In 2016 she was asked to present a painting to the Xu Zhimo Festival of Art and Poetry. She works in watercolour and often in still life or abstract fashions. The subjects of her paintings include plants and architecture.


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Ann studied Art History and Fine Art at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana and at Strasbourg University in France, then painting restoration at the Institute für Technologie der Malerei, Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künst, Stuttgart, Germany. She taught painting restoration at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge from 1978 until 2007 where she was Assistant to the Director; she published on the history of Western painting techniques including Painting Restoration Before ‘La Restauration’: The Origins of the Profession in France, Harvey Miller 2012.

After a trip to China in 1986 she began learning Chinese Brush Painting and has continued to develop her skills in this tradition. After retiring from her profession as painting restorer, she took up printmaking as well.
Drawing on Eastern and Western practices, she has evolved her own style combining both aesthetic traditions. Ann’s artworks are often painted or printed onto handmade oriental papers and signed in the East Asian manner with red vermilion paste, often using an antique carved seal with her artist’s name Majingju.

She exhibits with the East Asian painting group Song Lin Zhai, among other, and since 2014 she has participated regularly in Cambridge Open Studios and the biannual exhibitions organized by the Cambridge Drawing Society.


Ge Muye is a painter and photographer based in Beijing. He is also the founder of MUYE Art Studio(Beijing).


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Wang Huaxiang was born in Guizhou in 1962. He graduated from Guiyang Guizhou Art School in 1981 and from the Printmaking Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. Since then, he has worked as a teacher in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is now vice-president at the Creative Sketch School of Central Academy of Fine Arts, the director, professor, advisor for doctoral candidates at the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, president of International Academic Printmaking Alliance, deputy director of the Printmaking Committee at China Artists Association, vice-president of the Chinese Printmaking Department of Chinese National Academy of Arts, visiting professor for Accademia Di Belle Aarti di Roma, visiting professor for Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, president of Wanshenggu Museum, honorary president of Jiangsu Printing Academy and honorary president of Feidi Academy of Fine Art.


Huang Jiamao was born on the 25th of June 1980 in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. He was enrolled at the School of Chinese Painting of China Academy of Art to study landscape painting in 2001, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree of arts. In 2006, he continued his study of Chinese landscape painting in the graduate studies program. In 2018, he received a doctoral degree in arts, with Prof. Wei Xiaorong as his tutor. He is a senior lecturer of China Academy of Art and a member of Zhejiang Painting Academy.


Ke Tongzhi was born in 1943 in Putian, Fujian Province. He graduated from the School of Art at Fujian Normal University in 1965. His teachers were the respected Song Shengyu and Chen Zifen, both of whom were famous painters of Lingnan School. Mr. Ke currently serves as a researcher at the College of Art Creation of Chinese National Academy of Arts, and as a researcher at Department of Calligraphy and Painting of Central Research Institute of Culture and History. He is also a member of China Artists Association and a member of China Printmaking Artists Association. His other positions include Deputy Director of the School of Calligraphy and Painting at National Defense University PLA China, President of Hunan Provincial Flower and Birds Painter Association, Staff of Hunan Research Institute of Culture and History, Managing Director of Chinese Academy of Tropical Rainforest Art and Honorary President of Changsha Artists Association.


Wu Kousen is an illustrator and teaches watercolour courses in MUYE studio. She loves expressing her mood through experiments with different types of painting media and getting unexpected results. Now she lives and works in Beijing.


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Ann Sherry is a freelance painter. Her paintings are both realistic and imaginative. Having studied painting in Muye for many years, she is dedicated to painting character portraits, flowers, plants and animals. She now lives in Beijing.


Bai Yiyi is a freelance painter born in the 90s. He lives and works in Beijing and Shanghai.


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Yang Xun was born in Chongqing in 1981. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2005. He now lives in Beijing.