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The 2018 Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival was even more special than the last. It included the opening of the Xu Zhimo Garden, located by the memorial stone by the bridge of King’s College, Cambridge. This is the first garden in the Chinese style which has been built in the university. It has been designed along Daoist and Buddhist principles and features a variety of plants native to Xu's home province. This garden was inspired and overseen by Steven Coghill, the Senior Horticulturalist at King's. The Crescent Moon Bench and the Yin-Yang inscribed path were created by sculptor Tim Chalk, and the memorial vases by artist Matthew Blakely.

The festival will last beyond just the two days of poetry during the opening ceremony, with three weeks of art exhibitions in King's College Chapel and other locations in the month of August. There will also be special exhibitions at the Michaelhouse Centre and a special display of books related to Cambridge and China at Heffers Bookshop during August.