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Liu Zhengcheng comes from the Han nationality. He is both an advocate and practitioner of innovative calligraphy. As the ancient Chinese phrased it, “the most important subtlety of calligraphy lies in spirit”. His running-regular script works, both gentle and elegant, cleverly adopted from the essence of stone rubbings and rewritten with a combination of delicacy and strength. His cursive script has the straightforwardness of Mi Fu and vigour of master of cursive script Zhang Zhi. In his lines, he intentionally or unintentionally shows the customs left by Zhang Zhi. He uses light and dark ink in a natural way. Liu is an expert in his field, and currently enjoys a special subsidy from the State Council. He is the Chief Chairman of the Chinese International Calligraphers Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Calligraphy Encyclopaedia and member of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society. He served as Deputy Editor-in-chief for the literature company The Earth, the Deputy General Secretary and Director of the Chinese Calligraphy Association’s Academic Committee, and the President and Chief Editor of Chinese Calligraphy.


Shao Yan was born in 1962 and is a calligrapher. He is a research fellow at the Chinese National Academy of Painting, director of the Art Centre of Chinese Characters, and executive director of the International Association of Calligraphers. His works have received many domestic and international awards.


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Xu Benji, born in 1947, is a calligrapher and art critic. He is president of the Hubei Association of Calligraphers, vice-president of the International Association of Calligraphers, and a highly acknowledged artist. He has published Wuhan Poetry: the Calligraphic Works of Xu Benyi and Serial Chinese Fan Calligraphy: Xu Benyi Volume.


Yu Mingquan, born in 1963, is a calligrapher, poet, art critic, professor at Shangdong University of Arts, vice-president of Shandong Association of Calligraphers, and executive director of the International Association of Calligraphers. He published nine collections of artwork.


Zhang Jianmin, born in 1977, is a painter, executive vice-president and professor at the Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, and the vice-president of the Hebei Folk Culture Association.


Zhang Li was born in 1962. As a renowned painter, she has the title of National First-Class Artist of China. She is currently a professor at Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China.


Zhang Tielin, born in 1957, is an actor and calligrapher, dean of the Arts Faculty of Jinan University and vice-president of the International Association of Calligraphers. His selected dramas and films include: My Fair Princess, The First Chinese's Empress's Tombstone, The Long Poems of the Chang Ge Period and The Burning of the Imperial Palace.


Zhen Zhongyi, born in 1957, is a painter, educator, and founder of the Hebei Academy of Fina Arts. In 2012, he established the Oriental Calligraphy and Painting Institute and is currently its chairman.


Zheng Jimin was born in 1951 in Changle, Fujian Province. He devotes himself not only to calligraphy but also to studying and playing Chinese musical instruments. From 1979 to 1996, he served as the First dizi player in the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. He received the Hong Kong Annual Arts Award and the Jinding Prize issued by the Taiwanese authority. In 1996, he moved to Vancouver where he worked as director of the Chuanyin Arts Center while continuing his performances. As founder of the North America Contemporary Calligraphy and Arts Association, he has served as president. He returned to China in 2009. He is currently artistic director of the Zhaoxian Qingyin Centre, Hangzhou and vice-president of the International Association of Calligraphers.