Cam Rivers Publishing

Cambridge Rivers is constantly embarking on research projects. Thus far, its core projects have been the Kun Opera project, the Xu Zhimo Festival and related projects, the Digital Buddhism Museum, it is also considering publishing magazines.  


The Digital Museum of Global Chinese Kun Opera project is hosted by Cambridge Rivers Project (CRP) at the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (MAA), University of Cambridge. The project started in October 2016 and will collect, document, research, and exhibit collections of Chinese Kun Opera that are in organisations worldwide. The thematic selection and research of objects and archives will lead to the establishment of digital museums and the curation of digital exhibitions in the UK and China. It will be based at the MAA in Cambridge, co-operating closely with King’s College, the Fitzwilliam Museum, the University Library, as well as other UK and European based museums and libraries.


The Xu Zhimo projects consists of a variety of events and contributions. It started in the summer of 2006, when a King’s College alumnus donated a large marble stone as a memorial to Xu Zhimo. Cambridge Rivers is planning to provide the resources required to provide a Xu Zhimo Friendship Garden within King’s College, Cambridge. There has been an annual exhibition held in his name for the last three years, which is hosted within King’s College Chapel, which offers readings of his poetry, showcasing of some of his poetry, and the exhibition of art work, often created by people highly inspired by Xu Zhimo. Cambridge Rivers has also published a book, titled ‘Xu Zhimo, Cambridge & China’ which provides an insight into the journey undertaken by Xu Zhimo throughout his life, including his time in younger time, Cambridge experiences, private affairs and his later life. Throughout it includes appropriate graphic images.


The Digital Buddhism Museum project has been one of the earliest projects that Cambridge Rivers has taken on. The idea behind it is to digitize thousands of artifacts and salvaged treasures - relevant to Buddhism. The project has required international collaborations, and is going strong to this day.