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Poetry and Artwork Collection of Jidi Majia

This is a short collection of poems by the prominent Chinese poet Jidi Majia. Jidi comes from the Yi Nuosu ethnic minority. The Yi culture and history is celebrated through many of his works. Along with his role as President of the Chinese Ethnic Minority Writers Society Jidi is a champion and advocate for the Yi people.
The collection is formed of many individual poems which, together, lament towards a greater intertwined assembly of works. The book starts with a poem calling the spirit of the ‘Black Deep River’. It goes on to paint images of mountainous landscapes, eagles and folklore. The collection finally comes to an end with a piece which follows his mothers death. The river is reintroduced as a symbol for baptismal commencement and ultimate purification.

Collection of the Most Beautiful Poems by Xu Zhimo

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists come to visit Cambridge, inspired Xu Zhimo’s poem Second Farewell to Cambridge.

In 1921, Xu Zhimo, a talented young man from South China, arrived in the small city of Cambridge for the first time. From that moment, his literary career began. He loved and suffered here, which made his life controversial.

The music over and everyone has left, but the River Cam remains the same; Zhimo’s pursuit of love, freedom and beauty lies in his poetry. This bilingual collection of Zhimo’s poetry has selected his most popular poems and will be shared amongst ‘Visitors to Cambridge’ from all around the world.

Seeing Cambridge Again

Linda Sheen

The poetry collection “Seeing Cambridge Again” depicts Cambridge with a poetic atmosphere, including college, town, village, manor, meadow and church. And this poetry collection is dedicated to all the romantic poets the author admires, which is about the ever-lasting youth and the stirring past filled with the exotic feeling.